Monday, 14 June 2010

Starry Eyed Surprise

I have been meaning to try out a close up of a human eye since I got the Macro Lens Adapters. I know that getting the light right can be difficult with reflections etc to contend with and wanted to try out something a little different.

I quite like the effect you get from ring flashes so started thinking about making one. After a bit of thought, I purchased some bright white LED lights from a well known auction website. I then mounted these on an old bit of ply board with a cut out for the camera lens and soldered it all up. I thought I'd start small with just 8 LEDs but will be attempting some more ambitious LED projects soon (I have another 92 LEDs to use up after all!).

Here is one of my shots with the DIY ring flash / light.

By the way, it is my bloodshot eye in the picture - Must have been a heavy one the night before :-)

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